OTT Platform Application

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OTT Platform Application


Easy Installation: Install MoFlix easily with no coding or developer in a few steps with our easy to use installer and documentation

Source Code: We don’t encrypt or hide our code. You have the freedom to integrate and change our code to make it fit your needs.

Ads Manager: Paste ad codes into integrated ad slots in admin panel and will be displayed automatically.

Translatable: You can translate MoFlix to any language by editing only one file

SEO Friendly: SEO-friendly links, and HTML code that Google will love!

Social Sharing: Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

Menu Editor: All the menus accross the site can be easily edited via drag and drop without any coding knowledge.

RTL Support: Right-To-Left languages like Arabic, Farsi Hebrew

Backend:  All content can be created and modified from our admin panel

Custom Pages: Custom pages can be created using built-in WISIWYG editor

Advanced Search: It is very easy to search movies or series by title, actor, category and year

Ratings and Reviews: Users will be able to rate the movies and series and also leave comments


* UI optimized for phone and tablet

* Clean code

* Powerful Admin Panel (Not Included) Buy Here

* Easy to reskin

* App support Movies, Series, Animes…

* Powerful UI: Beautiful and modern design.

* Register Page – Ability to register a new account.

* Login Page – Ability for users to log in

* Forgot Pass Page – Ability for users to reset password/li>

* Search Page –  Added ability to search for movies, series

* Trailer Preview

* Favorites Page

* Genres Page

* Profile Page

* Easy to Translate

* Load More......

  • Project Solutions
    • Powerful UI
    • Register Page
    • Login Page
    • Search Page
    • Genres Page
    • Forgot Pass Page
    • Favorites Page