Job Description
  • Develop cross-platform libraries & utilities for participants to enable signing & verification of APIs;
  • Work with participants to enable encryption, in the protocol, for value-added data;
  • Ensure that the infrastructure components, such as registry & gatew a y , are secure and their integrity preserved;
  • Work with ONDC registry / gatew a y hosting providers to ensure securit y compliance in accordance with established standards & best practices; 

Job Requirement
  • At least 4-6 years of hands-on experience in application securit y , infra security in the Cloud;
  • Excellent understanding of best-in-class cryptographic algorithms, including elliptical curv e algorithms;
  • Excellent understanding of libraries for key generation & digital signatures, including but not limited to libsodium, Nacl,BouncyCastle, etc.;
  • Excellent understanding of data privacy & security provisions such as transparent consent mechanism, securit y safeguards, etc. ;